PSI: Personal Skills Inventory

Skills diagram

Program Overview

Duration: Two half-days
Cost: Free
Method of Study: Online
Schedule: Monday-Tuesday or Wednesday-Thursday, morning or afternoon cohort
Age Requirement: 18 years and older
Eligibility: Resident of Ontario, eligible to work in Canada. 

PLEASE NOTE: This program is a first step for PIVOT and Housekeeping Transitions participants. 

Program Description

PSI: Personal Skills Inventory is a set of two half-day workshops that help prepare you for today’s job market. 

In addition to learning how to embrace change, you will also develop a catalogue of your transferable skills and personal strengths that will set you on a path for success.

Program Details

Through your participation in PSI: Personal Skills Inventory you will: 

  • Identify personal skills and attributes that will increase motivation, confidence, and resilience in today’s workplace 
  • Develop a list transferable skills from past employment 
  • Identify the relevant hard & soft skills needed for success
  • Explore an ‘infinite mindset’ towards your career

Why This Program

PSI: Personal Skills Inventory is the first step in your career journey with HWTC and helps form the foundation of your personalized career plan.

PSI will prepare you for new opportunities by giving you a better understanding of the skills you can bring to today’s in-demand jobs.

PSI is a pre-requisite for experienced hospitality workers interested in taking PIVOT or Housekeeping Transitions.

Start Dates

Jun 2 – 3 (PM)
Jun 16 – 17 (AM)