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Program Overview

Duration: Eight Weeks
Cost: Free
Method of Study: Online
Schedule: Up to three hours per week
Age Requirement: 18 years and older
Eligibility: Resident of Ontario, Ontario Works recipient

HWTC has partnered with the Ontario Tourism Education Council (OTEC) and Tourism SkillsNet Ontario to offer Connecting And Learning to Manage through Covid-19 (CALM), a free eight-week program for Ontario Works (OW) recipients.

CALM is a program for people who need a little help before they are ready to find a job. CALM will help centre your thoughts, focus your passions, and find your purpose again.

Program Details

Each week you will engage in one instructor-led training session lasting up to 2 hours, as well as a one-on-one coaching session with support staff that will last up to 60 minutes.

In addition, you will complete independent activities designed to help explore and identify personal needs, skills, and strategies to outline a tailor-made plan for the future. 

Why This Program

If you find yourself stuck in a rut and feeling disconnected during the pandemic, CALM can help get you back on track.

CALM will help provide the connection, engagement and supports you need to set yourself up for success when opportunities emerge.

CALM can help re-energize you and build your self-confidence before you tackle the job market again.

Start Dates

February 8 – March 29 ( 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.)