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As a workforce development organization, HWTC is committed to working with hospitality employers to support a strong and vibrant hospitality industry. We also partner with forward-thinking employers in outside industries who recognize the value hospitality workers can bring to any team. Contact us at jobdev@hwtc.ca to discuss your hiring, training, and consulting needs.

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Hospitality Employers

HWTC works closely with hospitality employers to meet their hiring needs. We do this in three ways:

HIRING – Save time and money by partnering with us. HWTC has a pipeline of program graduates that can meet any hospitality employer’s requirements. From new entrants to experienced workers, we can provide pre-screened candidates with the skills and knowledge critical to ensuring your success – and we do all of this at no cost to you.

TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION – HWTC’s training and certification options ensure participants have the critical skills hospitality employers demand – because they were created in consultation with employers.

Our programs are led by experienced industry professionals and feature soft skills training alongside essential job skills, which makes for more well-rounded employees. We can also upskill your existing workforce with customized training packages that improve performance and support retention.

CONSULTING – HWTC supports hospitality employers with access to research and best practices on a variety of subjects, including onboarding, training, managing diverse workforces, and supporting youth engagement. These resources include monographs, research papers, articles, and other tools that support employee engagement. We are also able to work with you to develop custom solutions that enhance your onboarding process and increase employee retention.

Other Industries

If you’re an employer from an outside industry and you’re interested in finding out more about the benefits of hiring hospitality workers, we offer:

TRAINING – All HWTC program grads have identified the transferable and soft skills needed to succeed in today’s employment landscape.

SCREENINGWe pre-screen candidates to ensure we only connect you with qualified candidates that meet your recruiting needs – and we do it for free.

POST-EMPLOYMENT SUPPORT – From tracking the progress of program grads to working with employers on employee retention initiatives, HWTC is there to provide post-employment support.


• Exceptional customer service
• Hard-working, committed employees
• Flexible, adaptable
• Able to handle stressful situations
• Ready to work now!

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