Restaurant and Banquet Server Training

Restaurant and Banquet Server Training
Course Description:
In this course, training participants will practice and refine their skills, while they receive feedback from instructors throughout the day on: technical, soft skills, work habits and occupation specific knowledge (e.g. food, alcohol, allergies, etc). Training Outcomes Include:
  • Understand and demonstrate proper grooming and uniform expectations and etiquette
  • Gain knowledge and demonstrate the ability to perform setup for a full table service
  • Gain knowledge and demonstrate the ability to perform beverage service for a full table service
  • Possess a foundational knowledge of foundational restaurant serving skills
  • Demonstrates proper work habits
  • Demonstrates effective soft skills, team work and initiative
  • Gain knowledge of and demonstrate best practices and expectations in customer service etiquette in banquet functions and restaurant service
  • Identify and effectively secure employment in the Food and Beverage industry
  • Gain knowledge of safety protocol in the event of an emergency in a hotel/venue
  • End of service procedures
  • Complete smart serve

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Start Date:

January 13

You will need:
  • Residents of Ontario, eligible to work in the province, 18+ years of age and looking for meaningful work.

  • Newcomers and individuals in receipt of Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Supports are encouraged to apply.

  • Basic physical fitness demonstration (carry a banquet tray with weight over their shoulder comfortably)
  • Available evenings/weekends
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