Staff Directory

Executive Team

Mandie Abrams
Executive Director
Phone: 437-779-9307

Ruth Rakoff
Director of Programs
Phone: 416-230-3705

Cori Ferguson
Director of Communications
Phone: 437-247-3182

Elie Saykali
Director of Employment Outcomes
Phone: 416-936-9073

Ghazal Niknazar
Chief Projects Officer
Phone: 437-228-4079

Finance and Administration

Pansy Huynh
Bookkeeper and Office Manager
Phone: 647-352-2285

Marketing and Communications

Marta Rivas  
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Phone: 416-908-1285

Outreach and Service Delivery

Eniko Pittner
Manager of Service Delivery
Phone: 416-936-9485

Siobhan Dowling
Career Consultant
Phone: 416-910-4722

Cecilia Ortega
Phone: 416-817-6471

Ian Sinclair
Marketing and Outreach Manager
Phone: 416-906-7804

Claudia Valenzuela
Career Consultant
Phone: 416-936-9053

Allan Pace
Unifor Member Liaison

Leslie Gallagher
Career Consultant
Phone: 416-899-5973

Rafunzel Korngut
Unifor Member Liaison


Melissa Gopaul
Phone: 416-990-0315

Niki Joy Marohnic
Phone: 437-247-3165

Rowena Power 
Manager of Virtual Learning and Participant Experience
Phone: 437-228-6833

Adrian Proszowski
Phone: 416-844-7853

Patricia Edison
Phone: 647 649 3743

Tassandra Whyte  
Learning Management Systems and Programs Administrator
Phone: 647-204-1869

Grace McDonald
Phone: 416-303-8552

Imesia Ewan
Phone: 416-816-0867

Employment Outcomes

Alicia Cachia  
Employment/HR Specialist
Phone: 416-737-7425

Tasha Shea
Industry Engagement Specialist
Phone: 416-676-1470

Geraldine Vickers  
Senior Employment Specialist
Phone: 647-649-3526

Nicolette Holness  
Employment Specialist
Phone: 437-994-6490

Sarena Sairan  
Industry Engagement Specialist
Phone: 647-461-6412

Project Management

Cheryl Lochnan  
Client Systems Manager
Phone: 437-228-6896