Manager of E-Learning

Position Description:

The Manager of E-Learning will provide strategic leadership and vision for the design, development and delivery of HWTC’s virtual training programs and initiatives.

They are responsible for ensuring that HWTC’s is offering relevant, high quality demand driven virtual learning opportunities reflective of job seeker and hospitality industry skill needs. The Manager of E-Learning will advise upon, manage and administer appropriate platforms and software, ensuring that HWTC’s programs and service delivery is current with e-learning best practices.

The Manager of E-Learning is an integral part of the HWTC leadership team, working collaboratively across teams to ensure that programs and systems align with and advance HWTC’s strategic goals and operational plans.  

Responsibilities include:

Virtual Learning Development and Management – Ensuring the delivery of quality training programs through the development and optimization of HWTC’s virtual learning platforms and systems. Priorities include;

  • Aligning with HWTC’s philosophy of trauma informed service delivery and commitment to accessibility, optimizing the LMS platform, e-learning software, and other virtual tools to ensure delivery of quality training programs and participant experiences.  
  • Innovating and updating existing content and delivery tools as necessary, including the redesign and redevelopment of delivery mechanisms.
  • Developing new and redeveloping existing content and curriculum to build and scale high quality synchronous and asynchronous training programs.
  • Participating in and support the planning and integration of HWTC’s micro-credential project within the LMS platform. Maximizing the platform to support efficient recognition of skills, integration of assessment outcomes and assignment of micro-credential badges. 
  • Working collaboratively with HWTC Manager of Marketing and Communications to ensure accurate program content is up to date and shared as needed with all stakeholders, including but not limited to website content and program alerts.

LMS Management – Optimizing HWTC’s LMS systems and e-learning tools to ensure that virtual learning is delivered to maximum potential. Duties include;  

  • Maintaining the currency and functionality of HWTC’s synchronous and asynchronous virtual learning modules. 
  • Overseeing day to day work of Learning Management System Program Administrators with respect to management of LMS including, but not limited to participant registrations and learning paths, course assignments, ILT scheduling and data collection from LMS. 
  • Overseeing the efficient capture, integration and analysis of data within the LMS to ensure that HWTC can make evidence-based programming decisions.
  • Developing and delivering in-house training to HWTC staff to ensure that they are knowledgeable in the use of HWTC’s LMS and other virtual learning tools. 
  • Creating and maintaining a library of ‘how to’ videos for staff development.
  • Provide trouble-shooting support to Instructors and the Learning Management System Program Administrator

Other Duties:

The Manager of E-Learning contributes to effectiveness of HWTC operations by: 

  • Representing HWTC in meetings and public events
  • Participating in annual business planning and budgeting exercises.
  • Contributes to establishing and executing plans and or products to support business growth and development. 
  • Participating in and contributing to staff meetings on a flexible schedule as needed. 
  • Supporting strategic and operational planning activities.
  • Participating in review and evaluation activities.
  • Other duties as necessary


The Manager of E-Learning supervises the Learning Management System Administrator and the Program Support Assistant. They report to the Training Manager.  

Working Conditions  
Physical Demands No unusual demands
Environmental Conditions  A hybrid work environment  
Sensory DemandsSignificant time online and in front of a computer screen.
Mental Demands Confrontational situations with staff and or participants may arise. Zero Tolerance and Conflict Resolution policies are in place and share upon hire.
Training or Certifications Required None
Equipment or Protective Devices Required None
Potential Health and Safety risks None