Career Consultant

About the Role:

The Career Consultant works one-on-one with job seekers to identify their skills and interests, and create individual service and training plans that will position them to become competitive candidates for in-demand jobs.

As first point of contact with HWTC participants, the Career Consultant leverages all available resources to create in individualized service plan unique to each individual participant. They provide guidance and support during the participants’ journey from entry through training, labour market attachment, employment and retention.

Responsibilities will include:

Intake Assessment and Discovery:

  • Inputting training schedules in LMS;
  • Developing relationships with participants, identifying personal goals, previous experience, and identifying training and education opportunities to support labour-market attachment. Including;
    • Uncovering participants’ prominent and latent strengths, administer and score aptitude measures and support participants develop Individualized Service Plans;
    • Reviewing participants’ personal and educational attainments and how these might inform their prospective job-related choices;
    • Devising strategies to address skill upgrading or certification requirements;
    • Facilitating social service referrals (internal and external) as necessary.

Career Counselling:

  • Providing Career Planning and Coaching to establish and action Individualized Service Plans with participants;
  • Accessing labour market tools and intelligence to propose appropriate training and career related options to growth related employment opportunities;
  • Registering participants for HWTC training;
  • Connecting participants with external (brokered) training opportunities;
  • Assist with applications for training, learning and/or job opportunities.

Service Management:

  • Tracking training and certification attainments and outcomes;
  • Referring participants to resume supports, and employment preparation team members, according to plan;
  • Post training, connecting participants to HWTC Employment Specialists.


  • Maintaining all participant records and forms in Salesforce in a timely and accurate manner;
  • Following up with participants to keep service plans current and ensure progress and compliance with plans;
  • Following up post-employment to track outcomes at 3-6 and 12 months.

Other duties:

The Career Consultant contributes to effectiveness of HWTC operations by:

  • Representing HWTC in meetings and public events;
  • Participating in annual business planning and budgeting exercises;
  • Contributing to establishing and executing plans and/or products to support business growth and development;
  • Participating in and contributing to staff meetings on a flexible schedule as needed;
  • Supporting strategic and operational planning activities;
  • Participating in review and evaluation activities;
  • Other duties as necessary.


The Career Consultant is a member of the Service Delivery Team and reports to the Manager of Service Delivery.

Working Conditions 


Physical Demands 


 No unusual demands 

Environmental Conditions 


 Office environment  

Sensory Demands 


Significant time online and in front of a computer screen. 

Mental Demands 


 Confrontational situations with staff and or participants may arise. Zero Tolerance and Conflict Resolution policies are in place and share upon hire. 

Training or Certifications Required 



Equipment or Protective Devices Required 



Potential Health and Safety risks