About Us

As a not-for-profit sector-specific workforce development organization, the Hospitality Workers Training Centre’s mandate is to support the growth and sustainability of a strong and vibrant hospitality industry.

We do this by providing quick, cost-effective training opportunities for those wishing to enter the field or advance their hospitality careers. We also support hospitality employers with the tools, training options, and access to talent they need to succeed.

Founded during the SARS crisis, HWTC is experienced at getting hospitality workers back to work. In the wake of COVID-19 we’ve adjusted our focus to support struggling hospitality workers and their employers with training opportunities that make the most of existing skills and highlight transferability.

We remain committed to supporting hospitality workers wherever their paths take them, and we are committed to ensuring hospitality employers have access to top-notch talent when the time comes.

Until then, stay safe. Stay connected. Stay home if you can. Spend some time learning with us.

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