The Key Ingredients to Becoming Red Seal Certified

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Becoming certified as a Red Seal cook is a complicated process. HWTC is here to help make it easier.

Dawn Ulla, Chef de Partie at One King West Hotel and Residence, passed the Red Seal exam on her birthday this summer. We’re just bursting with pride because HWTC was able to play a small role in Dawn’s success.

Dawn signed up to take the Red Seal preparation course through HWTC. She believes the course was key to her success. Here’s why:

Who Likes Paperwork?:

No one!  That’s why HWTC helps Red Seal candidates get their paperwork done. Dawn says that trying to reach old teachers and employers kept her from taking the exam. In fact, she says: “The paperwork is the most challenging part of the process.”

HWTC put Dawn in touch with a person at Toronto’s Apprenticeship office who was able to help her get her understand what she needed to do. Once that was completed, she could move onto getting ready for the big day.

Who Likes Textbooks?

The textbook for the Red Seal exam is over 1000 pages long and weighs 2.8kg.

Dawn says the preparation course helped her understand what parts of the book to study: “The instructor told us what parts to study. Every single question that was on the exam was something he’d told us to focus on. Otherwise, there’s just no way I would’ve figured it out.”

Who Likes Homework?

Every week, Dawn met with other HWTC students to do homework and talk about the material covered the during the week. The group did practice tests together and shared their results. The group motivated each other.

When Dawn passed the exam she says it was “the best birthday present, ever!”

If you want to start the process of becoming Red Seal certified, see the listing for the course below and call 647-930-9518 or email

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