Succeeding as a New Entrant in Toronto’s Hospitality Industry

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“It is with great pleasure that I announce the appointment of Ms. Champagne Fields to the position of Executive Housekeeper”, read the announcement. The HWTC team rejoiced at the news.

Last year we did a post about Champagne, one of our most promising graduates who completed our Room Attendant course in 2014 and started working at Toronto Don Valley Hotel & Suites right after.  In less than two years, she has been promoted twice–first to a Housekeeping Supervisor and then, recently, to an Executive Housekeeper. A young mother who didn’t know much about the hospitality industry when she first came to us two years ago is now overseeing the entire housekeeping department’s operations and staff of a bustling hotel in Toronto. 

Champagne sharing her story with one of our funders at an event held at Hawthorne, our social enterprise restaurant.

Champagne sharing her story with one of our funders at an event held at Hawthorne, our social enterprise restaurant.

Champagne’s fast climb up the ladder in her career is a testament to a few important points:

  • Hospitality industry offers fast track growth opportunities to its workers. You would meet many senior level staff in the hospitality industry who started their careers at entry level positions. If someone possesses the right training, and the right attitude, he or she can achieve a lot in less time in this industry.
  • Training is the key to the success for employers as well as employees. With the fast growth of the hospitality industry in Toronto, the importance of finding good talent is a high priority. To meet the growing workforce need and the increasing standards of this customer-oriented industry, good training becomes an important piece. This not only includes training for occupational skills but also other skills that are crucial to one’s growth and career development. That is why Hospitality Workers Training Centre’s approach focuses on hands-on learning in a simulated environment that expertly combines occupational skills with other behavioural, functional and soft skill training and support to prepare the participants for not just the job, but for success.
  • Positivity and will power can be nurtured to lead to amazing results. It is important for new entrants in the industry to be positive and hardworking to be able to succeed. But it is also very important for employers to provide an enabling environment. Toronto Don Valley Hotel & Suites is an industry partner that recognizes talent and nurtures it for results that are a win for all stakeholders.

Congratulations to Champagne and to all those partners who work with us to reduce barriers to employment and success in Toronto.

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