Niomi’s Guest Services Training: Becoming “The Face of a Hotel”

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As the first people hotel guests often meet, guest services are considered by industry to be “the face of a hotel.” Imagine these features in one person:

  • The smile of Julia Roberts
  • The problem solving skills of James Bond
  • The patience of a yoga guru
  • The admin & tech skills ofIron Man’s Pepper Potts 

It’s a tall order but HWTC has had great success recruiting guest services trainees and getting them positions at Toronto’s best hotels.

One graduate, Niomi, is a great example of a person who makes a great guest services representative:

41 (1)

Niomi, like many people her age, worked in the retail industry to put herself through high school and college. When money ran short, Niomi hit the pause button on school to save money.  Determined to leave retail and gain a new skill she could use to build her career, Niomi was attracted to the Hospitality industry.

She liked helping people, was a great problem solver and highly organized. She saw guest services training in the Hospitality industry as an opportunity to use her strengths with people while having a stable career with growth opportunities.

Niomi credits HWTC’s guest services training program with helping her achieve a new level of “professionalism” that raised her confidence when working directly with guests. “I learned how to dress, speak and present myself in the best possible way,” says Niomi.  “I thought I was already pretty professional and I was amazed how much there was to learn.”

42 (1)

Niomi uses her newfound confidence at a Front Desk position at One King West Hotel & Residence, a job she says, “makes me happy every day.” Niomi beams:

“Working at the Front Desk means I get to face new challenges daily. I’m learning about how to best communicate with guests and learn about all aspects of the Hospitality industry.”

While Niomi still plans to return to pursue an Interior Design practice, she’s delighted to have a complementary skill set and stable career path in the Hospitality sector.

Meghan Joyce, HR Director at One King West Hotel & Residence beams when she talks about Niomi:

Hotel guest services requires a certain kind of personality and attitude. HWTC recruited the right people who bring so much to the front desk. At One King West Hotel & Residence we hired Niomi, who is both a ray of sunshine and a very competent problem solver. On top of that, she came already knowing the critical aspects of being a guest services representative.

Niomi’s got what it takes. So do the other 8 participants who participated in the guest services program, all whom were able to secured employment in the Hospitality sector.

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