Four Benefits of Being Connected

Posted 12-09-15 by In Worker Newsletter

The internet isn’t just for people in their 20’s. According to Statistics Canada, 85% of all adults in Canada use the internet. But, this number drops to just 45% for adults who are over 65.

If you didn’t grow up using technology, it can seem scary. But, there are many important reasons why adults of all ages should learn the basics of computers. Here are a few:

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  1. Keep in Touch: Are your children and grandchildren hard to reach and keep in touch with? Do you have family members in other countries? Email is an important way of staying connected with people in your life. It is a great way to share photos, update people about life events or even share jokes with friends.
  2. Keep up to Date: There are so many big events happening around the world, it’s hard to keep track. When you have a busy schedule, it can be hard to find the time to sit down with a newspaper or even watch the news on TV. The internet is a great way to find out what’s happening around the world when it’s convenient for you. You can find news in any language and stay current on what’s happening in places like the Philippines, Trinidad and Hong Kong, all from the comfort of your home or local library.
  3. Stay Healthy: Close to 70% of Canadians use the internet for health information. This trend is so popular it has a name: “Dr. Google.” Of course, not all the information you read online is reliable. But, some of the information you might save you a trip to the doctor.
  4. Get Sharp: These days, many games promise to make you “smarter.” Of course, no game can really do that. But, games can be useful to help build skills, like your memory.  There are studies that show there some games can even help you avoid conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. Games like Luminosity ( can improve things like memory, attention and problem solving. Games like Happify ( can help train your brain to be happier.

If you’re interested in getting skills to use the internet for email, news, advice or even games, see the listings below for Computer Level 2 classes being offered this winter.

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