W-SET – Level 1 & 2

W-SET – Level 1 & 2
Course Description:
Hands-on introduction to wines in accordance to Wine and Spirit Education Trust certification awards. Level 1 will focus on main types and styles of wine, common wine grapes and their characteristics, how to store and serve wine, principles of food and wine pairings. Level 2 focuses on important wine regions, styles of wines produced from these grapes, key classifications and labeling technology.  
Introduction ·       Introduction to sommelier, description of roles and career paths available within wine service, learn how wine is produced from vineyard to sale, wine regions and soil types  
Knowledge ·       Understanding terminology, labels, tasting, storage, correct wine and food pairings  
Technical Skills ·       Describe the style and quality of both still wines made from regionally important grape varieties and other regionally important named wines made in the key wine producing countries of the world ·       Outline the methods used in production of sparkling wines and describe the style of these wines produced ·       Outline the methods used in production of sweet and fortified wines  
Lab ·       Attend all lab sessions and complete exercises and tastings, focusing on theme-based wine and food pairings  
Outcomes ·       Demonstrate understanding of process and principles involved in storage, selection, and service of wine ·       Understand the principal international spirits and liqueurs available and the importance that branding has in this market ·       Be able to provide information and advice to customers and staff about spirits and liqueurs  
Start Date:

September 12 - October 12

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To register or get more information, contact us at 647.930.9518 x 305 or email at training@hospitalitytrainingcentre.com.