Red Seal Readiness

Red Seal Readiness
Course Description:
Preparation course to provide mid-level kitchen staff to pursue Red Seal Certification through the Ontario College of Trades. A minimum of 6000 hours is required to challenge the Red Seal exam.  
Theory ·       Introduction to food service stocks, soups, tools, and equipment ·       Sauces and garde manger ·       Cheese, chocolate theory, sandwich theory ·       Poultry and breakfast preparation ·       Beef, veal, lamb and pork identification ·       Beef, veal, lamb, and pork cookery ·       Fin fish cookery ·       Shellfish cookery ·       Potato, pasta, rice, and farinaceous products ·       Vegetable cookery ·       Game cookery, cook’s desserts ·       Foodservice math ·       Sanitation, hygiene  
Outcomes ·       Demonstrate ability to describe and apply theory, complete Red Seal exam and successfully obtain certification, provide career opportunities after obtaining certification  
Start Date:

September 11 - December 18

Please consider:
Pre-assessment required. Refundable Security deposit required, to be refunded on course completion.
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To register or get more information, contact us at 647.930.9518 x 305 or email at