Culinary Fundamentals

Culinary Fundamentals
Course Description:
Provide technical training for specific skill or experience that mid to senior level kitchen staff is missing, such as pastry, butchery, cooking techniques, specific cuisines, food allergies, etc.  
Introduction ·       Introduction and expectations, job and role descriptions, daily checklist of responsibilities, safety and sanitation, WHMIS  
Technical Skills ·       Emphasis on perfecting cooking methods, developing recipes and learning concepts associated to specific technical skill, apply knowledge into common practices in professional kitchen, terminology, nutritional theory, business and career management, baking ingredients and practical applications  
Lab ·       Attend all lab sessions to practice and execute culinary fundamentals  
Outcomes ·       Complete exercises and assignments, follow demonstrations and apply practical knowledge to complete tasks, successfully complete assessments    
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For more information or to register contact Ken: or 647-930-9518, x 312.