Computers (Level 3)

Computers (Level 3)
Course Description:
Develop computer skills to be efficient accessing information, emailing documents, organizing files and folders, inputting data and creating reports, develop understanding and ability to operate different electronic platforms, such as Room Expeditor (REX) for housekeeping, OPERA property management system, and Microsoft Office Suites to promote career laddering. Course Elements:
Introduction Introduction to hardware, software, navigating, electronic etiquette, computer safety and social media policies  
Technical Skills Become efficient typing on the keyboard, download and install programs, using cloud services, syncing devices, uploading files and downloading files, internet safety and best practices, social media, terminology  
Outcomes Complete exercises and assignments, achieving milestones, successfully completely assessments, demonstrate ability to retrieve information online, create, organize, and navigate folders, adhere to policies, usage of correct terminology  
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