Basic Wine/Spirit

Basic Wine/Spirit
Course Description:
An introduction to the fundamentals of wine and spirits to understand the main types and styles of wines/spirits available, how to store and serve wine, apply and understand the basic principles of food and wine pairings, identify types of raw materials used in production of spirits and being able to describe and serve spirits.  
Introduction Introduction to sommelier, description of roles and career paths available within wine service, learn how wine is produced from vineyard to sale, wine regions and soil types, understanding main types and styles of spirits, main ingredients for spirits  
Knowledge Understanding terminology, labels, tasting, storage, correct wine and food pairings
Technical Skills Tasting sessions, identifying and successfully matching different wines with specific foods that are sweet, salty, sour, bitter, spicy, fatty, or fruity Identify main spirit categories, describe styles and characteristics, indicate factors that determine main styles of spirits, understanding of proper service of spirits to customers  
Lab Attend all lab sessions and complete exercises and tastings, focusing on theme-based wine and food pairings  
Outcomes Be able to use key pieces of equipment, describe different wines and spirits accurately, practice serving wine and creating spirits, apply basic principles of marketing used for the sale of spirits
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