Businesses Contributing to Communities Through Non-profit Organizations

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There are many local businesses that include supporting and developing communities in their overall business strategy. The reasons are multi-faceted ranging from positive brand association to personal philanthropic commitment of business leaders. On a macro level, however, the broader philosophy behind such giving is the most crucial element of this philanthropy – the success of businesses, in the long run, depends on having stronger communities.

One approach that can be used by businesses to support the community is to support non-profit organizations that serve those communities for sustainable and long-term capacity building, focussed initiatives. Sponsoring events, encouraging employee volunteering, donating a percentage of sales, providing one’s expertise, products or services for helping the non-profit achieve its objectives are some of the simple ways businesses can provide support on an ongoing basis. The mandate of the non-profit and the organization itself that business owners believe in are important elements to be considered for the social responsibility strategy.

Hospitality Workers Training Centre is fortunate to have supporters who believe in us, and want to give back to the communities we serve, keeping in view the long-term impact on society and how that eventually impacts the success of businesses itself. In addition to our donors who provide us funds, and our industry partners who provide us space, time and many other considerations, we have a small business that wants to contribute to the work we do. Tonic Living is a home decor company that sells a curated collection of modern-contemporary fabrics and other home décor products. They are retailing a line of candles called LOCAL, a product that was conceived with the idea of giving back to the community, by Pure Home Couture. According to the manufacturer, “community is everything. It can foster a shared emotional connection, influence and social responsibility.” These LOCAL candles have been created with the plan to contribute $2.50 from the sale of each candle to a non-profit organization or charity. Businesses/retailers that stock these candles have the prerogative to select the causes and organizations to donate this money to.

LOCAL candles can be bought at Tonic Living

LOCAL candles can be bought at Tonic Living

Tonic Living, as one of the candle’s retailers, chose HWTC as the recipient of the funds raised through the products’ sale. For every LOCAL candle sold through Tonic Living, $2.5/- is donated to HWTC to support the free training, mentoring and placement services we provide to new entrants who are in need of skills and employment. It is heart-warming when such generosity from small businesses comes without any solicitation and makes us believe even more in what we are working for.

Thanks to all those who are rooting for us – who are rooting for all those people who come through our doors in search of a dream to succeed.

Here is to working together for strong and enabled communities!




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