• Celebrating 60 Richmond St. East: A “Place of Opportunity”

    Posted 06-05-15 by In Events,News

    The Hospitality Workers Training Centre’s central hub is also a housing co-op that is home to 85 people; a combination of relocated Regent Park residents and Hospitality workers who work in Toronto’s busy downtown hotels. All of those who live at 60 Richmond Street East, since it was erected 5 years ago, the co-op is truly a home; […]

  • Hotel Relay 2015: An All-Star Lineup

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    After months of intense training and preparation Hospitality workers are finally ready to grab hold of the Hotel Relay 2015 baton and pass it on. The Hotel Relay 2015 baton will travel to 11 Toronto Hotels and be passed among literally hundreds of hotel workers across every department. Here is the final Hotel Relay 2015 line-up. Watch […]

  • Here Comes Toronto Hotel Relay 2015

    Posted 04-15-15 by In Events

    The first annual Toronto Hotel Relay is happening from May 5-May 25. The Hotel Relay will include 15 hotels across Toronto, from downtown to the airport. Participating hotels will pass a baton among workers in the hotel and between hotels, all to celebrate the beginning of Toronto’s busy tourist season. Toronto is Canada’s most popular tourist destination, […]

  • Hilton Toronto Discovers “What’s Possible” by Accommodating Disabilities

    Posted 04-07-15 by In Hospitality Talent,Our Graduates,Skills Development

      “If I don’t try, I won’t know what’s possible…” That’s what Me-An Vera-Fudge recalls thinking when she first considered the idea of interviewing Fauzia, a deaf woman, for a room attendant position at Hilton Toronto. Course instructor Margaret Readings was impressed by Fauzia’s skills and exceptional attitude during the two-week intensive training program she did […]

  • 3 Ways Cross Training Delivers Results in Hospitality

    Posted 03-24-15 by In Skills Development

    Charlie Chaplin and Lucille Ball made us laugh at early modern ideas of work because they failed (so badly) at doing “one thing well.” Recalling those black and white images sheds light on why specializing can be problematic. One thing goes wrong and the whole system collapses. At HWTC, we’ve piloted several cross-training programs with current Hospitality workers.  In a […]

  • Sector Based Workforce Development: Why NYC Puts Employers First

    Posted 03-11-15 by In Workforce Development

    “London is satisfied, Paris is resigned, but New York is always hopeful. Always it believes that something good is about to come off, and it must hurry to meet it.” Dorothy Parker In New York, sector-based workforce development has gone mainstream. This term, which that gets me sideways looks in Toronto, is all the rage […]

  • The Tools for a Career in Hotel Maintenance

    Posted 02-11-15 by In Hospitality Talent,Our Graduates

    Think about what it takes to keep your home running; the plumbing, the electrical, the painting, the roofing…. Then, just try to imagine what it takes to keep a hotel’s infrastructure humming. It’s a mind-boggling to think of all of the parts of a hotel, from the remote control to the furnace, that require expertise. […]

  • What Kitchen Work Teaches about Teamwork

    Posted 01-26-15 by In Skills Development

    If you’ve been inside a restaurant’s kitchen during peak service, you’ve likely witnessed a chaotic scene of people scrambling to get orders ready and onto tables. If you’re not part of the industry, you could easily miss the fact that quality restaurants have mastered the fine art of teamwork. What looks like chaos is a […]

  • Toronto’s Hospitality Training Centre Emerged from SARS Crisis

    Posted 01-26-15 by In Toronto Hospitality

    Toronto’s Hospitality industry was devastated by the 2003-2004 SARS crisis.  Consider the following: 1/3 of Toronto’s 95,000 Hospitality workers were laid off during the crisis During its peak, hotel reservations dropped by over 70% 5 major citywide conventions were cancelled, resulting in 20,000 last minute cancellations The impact of SARS was felt for close to […]

  • Taking A Seat with Margaret Readings

    Posted 01-19-15 by In Trainers

    HWTC’s amazing Project Manager Margaret Readings knows a thing or two about chairs. We recently walked into a meeting at Ryerson University and Margaret encountered a chair that she greeted like an old friend.  She plopped herself down on the striped, well worn chair and smiled widely. I knew it was a chance to hear one of […]

  • Danielle Olsen

    Posted 02-14-14 by In Our People

    Executive Director Danielle Olsen has been working in the employment and training sector in Toronto for the last 10 years, in the non-profit and private sector, with a focus over the last few years on cross-sectoral workforce development strategies. Prior to joining HWTC, Danielle was working with Social Capital Partners building hiring and training partnerships […]

  • Margaret Readings

    Posted 12-19-13 by In Our People

    Project Manager With over 30 years of experience in the Hospitality industry, Margaret’s career started in London England. Upon arriving in Canada she quickly advanced through multiple positions with Loews Hotels in Toronto. After a couple of years in Halifax Margaret returned to Toronto and joined what was then, ITT Sheraton later to become Starwood […]

  • Mandie Abrams

    Posted 11-30-13 by In Our People

    Director of Strategy Mandie is leading organizational growth and development for Hospitality Workers Training Centre. She has been associated with the non-profit world, both in Canada and internationally, for almost 20 years. Her areas of experience and expertise include community development, organizational policy and program development, capacity building, training and facilitation and fund development activities. […]

  • Ann-Marie Faria

    Posted 10-15-13 by In Our People

    Industry Engagement Manager & Instructor Ann-Marie has 18 years of experience in the field of customer service and hospitality with Starwood Hotels and Resorts. Starting at the front desk, Ann wanted to develop an understanding in all areas of the hotel. She has been Housekeeping Manager, One Call Sales Manager, Front Office Manager and Certified […]

  • Ken Tang

    Posted 10-08-13 by In Our People

    Program Coordinator Ken has worked in the Hospitality industry for over 10 years, starting in the back of the house in restaurants and hotels, then moving through various roles in front of the house including management. Armed with an understanding of the Hospitality sector, Ken supports trainees on their pathways to success. Prior to joining the […]

  • Ghazal Niknazar

    Posted 08-25-13 by In Our People

    Project Manager Ghazal Niknazar is a researcher and project manager with over fifteen years of experience in the field of adult education and training – both at program level as well as on research and policy fronts. Most recently, Ghazal worked as a researcher, project manager and community engagement specialist at Metro Toronto Movement for […]

  • Jasmine Porter

    Posted 07-25-13 by In Our People

    Instructor/Project Manager Jasmine has worked in the fields of Hospitality and Design/Construction for over 20 years, most recently overseeing Operations for ICI Design & Construction. Jasmine honed her Hospitality expertise while working at Fredricton’s historic The Lord Beaver Brook Hotel and The Toronto Hunt Club. Jasmine is an active volunteer with The Children’s Breakfast Club.

  • Imesia Ewan

    Posted 10-20-12 by In Our People

    Talent Manager Imesia joined HWTC with a progressive career in human resources, employment services and coaching and earned her designation as a human resources professional in 2004. Most recently Imesia was HR Manager at the world’s largest Courtyard by Marriott hotel located in downtown Toronto where she was introduced to HWTC.  Imesia has a passion […]