• Winter 2016 Courses

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    Below is a listing of all courses being offered to current Hospitality workers in Winter 2016. Introduction to Computers: (Computers Level 1): In this 12 week course students will learn important skills to get you started on using a computer, such as: Using keyboard shortcuts Searching for information on the Internet Creating an email account […]

  • Four Benefits of Being Connected

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    The internet isn’t just for people in their 20’s. According to Statistics Canada, 85% of all adults in Canada use the internet. But, this number drops to just 45% for adults who are over 65. If you didn’t grow up using technology, it can seem scary. But, there are many important reasons why adults of […]

  • Here Comes Hotel Relay!

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    Last year HWTC held the first annual Hotel Relay. Ten hotels from across the city were visited by our relay team. Workers pass the baton and have their photos taken to show their pride in working in the Hospitality industry. If you’re interested in making sure the Hotel Relay stops at your property this year, […]

  • The Key Ingredients to Becoming Red Seal Certified

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    Becoming certified as a Red Seal cook is a complicated process. HWTC is here to help make it easier. Dawn Ulla, Chef de Partie at One King West Hotel and Residence, passed the Red Seal exam on her birthday this summer. We’re just bursting with pride because HWTC was able to play a small role […]

  • BIG Holiday Wish Contest

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    What’s your BIG wish for this holiday season? Is it for a special gift? Is it a wish for the entire world? For your family? Post your BIG holiday wish with on our Facebook page for a chance to win a BIG holiday prize pack. https://www.facebook.com/HospitalityTrainingCentre Congratulations to Shirley at Toronto Don Valley Hotel & […]

  • Considering Retirement? Then Consider Joining This Amazing Group!

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      What’s it like to retire from a career in Hospitality? What do you do to fill your time after you’ve stopped working? These are important questions are probably on your mind if you’re thinking about retirement. One of the great things you can do as you start to think about retirement is join the […]

  • A Guide to Three Key Food Allergies

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    In a 2014 survey, Canadian chefs said that allergy awareness is the country’s #1 food trend. Whether you work in the kitchen or front of house, you’ve probably noticed that more people than ever are asking for food that meets their allergy needs. Restaurants have had to become more aware of the kinds of allergies […]

  • Oh The Places you can Go (in your Hospitality Career) !

    Posted 11-12-15 by In Hospitality Talent,Toronto Hospitality

    Oh the Places you can Go! is a series highlighting the experiences and insights of Hospitality professionals across Toronto. Each month, we’ll interview one person about their career path and the valuable lessons they’ve learned along the way. This interview is with Anita Stafford, Director of Human Resources at the International Plaza Hotel and Conference Centre.   […]

  • HWTC Training in Action: Camilo in Career Development

    Posted 11-10-15 by In Our Graduates,Skills Development

    co Camilo Zuniga, a recent graduate of HWTC’s Career Development program, is a living example how this innovative program is impacting young people’s lives. HWTC’s Career Development program, which targets youth from 18-29, was designed around three core objectives: Give participants hands-on experience in two areas of the Hospitality sector Provide an overview of the Hospitality industry […]

  • HWTC Training in Action: Champagne’s Story

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    Champagne was an engaged student on track for career success when her life took a sudden turn. At the age of 14, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Champagne stepped in as the surrogate mother to her siblings while she finished high school. She ended high school on the honor roll and was voted […]

  • Oh The Places you can Go!

    Posted 10-26-15 by In Toronto Hospitality

    Oh the Places you can Go! is a series highlighting the experiences and insights of Hospitality professionals across Toronto. Each month, we’ll interview one person about their career path and the valuable lessons they’ve learned along the way. Our first interview is with Kevin Porter, General Manager (GM) of the Toronto Don Valley Hotel and Suites. […]

  • The Key Ingredients to Becoming Red Seal Certified

    Posted 10-09-15 by In Our Graduates

    The process of becoming certified as a Red Seal cook is daunting. When HWTC conducted a focus group on this topic a year ago, one kitchen helper compared the process to a “unicorn,” saying: “It’s like a unicorn, you’ve heard it exists, but you have no idea how to find it.” Dawn Ulla, Chef de Partie at One […]

  • 5 Ways Marriott Bloor Empowers Associates to be Social Media Champions

    Posted 09-10-15 by In Skills Development

    I engag In one of his seminal blog posts on the power of story telling, marketing guru Seth Godin writes: “Great stories succeed because they are able to capture the imagination of large or important audiences. A great story is true. Not necessarily because it’s factual, but because it’s consistent and authentic. Consumers are too good […]

  • What Dirty Dishes Can Tell You About Character

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    One King West Hotel and Residence calls itself “a hotel to call home.” Of course this refers to guests’ feeling of comfort in the hotels friendly yet luxurious atmosphere that is clear from the moment one steps into the lobby. But how does One King West create this feeling at every touchpoint? One strategy that Meaghan Joyce is proud […]

  • Pride Shows in Hotel Relay Video

    Posted 09-08-15 by In Events

    We’re happy to share the video capturing Toronto Hotel Relay 2015. It was a great success thanks to the many Hospitality Associates who took the time to share their pride. We’re already looking forward to next year’s event!

  • Hospitality Retirement: A Time Fun & Learning

    Posted 08-25-15 by In Events

    Research shows that all seniors are healthier and happier when they have solid social connections. However, for many retirement is a time when they become disconnected from the very social networks that are vital for ensuring health and well being. The Hospitality Workers Training Centre is excited to be launching a new program targeting retired and soon-to-retire Hospitality […]

  • Kitchen Helper Training helps Barry Gain “Skills for the Job of Living.”

    Posted 08-07-15 by In Our Graduates

    Proclaiming a goal, out loud, is a critical step toward making it real. Stating a goal sets up a signpost, somewhere in the future, that helps direct and focus one’s efforts. HWTC emphasizes that our programs deliver jobs at the end of training, but we also understand the value of the journey itself for training participants. As one wise person said “What you get by […]

  • A Letter to Future Computer Users

    Posted 06-24-15 by In Skills Development

    Dear Future Computer User, We know you’ve noticed that the whole world is using computers. We’re guessing you’re curious but also feeling nervous about getting started. Maybe you use a computer with the help of a family member who is getting tired of always helping you pay your bills online. We took the class because, […]

  • Niomi’s Guest Services Training: Becoming “The Face of a Hotel”

    Posted 06-16-15 by In Hospitality Talent,Our Graduates,Skills Development

    As the first people hotel guests often meet, guest services are considered by industry to be “the face of a hotel.” Imagine these features in one person: The smile of Julia Roberts The problem solving skills of James Bond The patience of a yoga guru The admin & tech skills ofIron Man’s Pepper Potts  It’s a tall order but HWTC […]

  • The 10 Amazing Photos that Capture Toronto Hotel Relay 2015

    Posted 06-08-15 by In Events

    One thousand Hospitality Workers across 10 properties were on hand to pass the Hotel Relay baton for the first annual Toronto Hotel Relay. It’s not easy choosing 10 photos that capture the incredible spirit of the event and the enthusiasm of the people who participated, but we’re going to give it a try. Warmth Adassa in Housekeeping […]