A Letter to Future Computer Users

Posted 06-24-15 by In Skills Development

Dear Future Computer User,

We know you’ve noticed that the whole world is using computers. We’re guessing you’re curious but also feeling nervous about getting started. Maybe you use a computer with the help of a family member who is getting tired of always helping you pay your bills online.

We took the class because, like you, we don’t want to be left behind by the computer-era.

Taking the class made us feel that we were not alone. We’ll admit, it was frustrating at the beginning, but after taking the Level 2 class we were doing things like looking for a new apartment, looking at grocery flyers, paying bills and staying connected to family and friends online. We even check out dating sites!

Being able to use the computer and the internet helps us feel independent, connected and makes it convenient for us to get important things done outside of work. Our families are proud of us, and we’re proud of ourselves.

If you’re thinking about about taking a computer class, take a chance on yourself and get the skills you need to get connected.


Luz G, Luz N, Myrna, Yuri, Daxa, Lyneth, Rose, Peter & Siong*

Toronto Marriott Bloor Yorkville


* Based on a group interview with Computer Level 2 Participants at Toronto Marriott Bloor Yorkville


If you would like Level 1 or 2 computers offered at your property and you have a group of 8-10, please contact training@hospitalitytrainingcentre.com or 647-930-9518.

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