A Letter from an HWTC Graduate

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I am a African young woman who has been trying to get a piece of the many opportunities Canada has for an immigrant. I am Michaëlle Kaba.

Before I came to HWTC, I was trying to find a job, but most of my efforts had been in vain. The major barriers in finding decent work were my lack of work experience in Canada and having a résumé that was mediocre.

I started working closely with a counsellor who could provide employment assistance. That is how I found out about HWTC. I  took the banquet server course about a year ago.

My training experience with HWTC was exhilarating and fun.  I thoroughly enjoyed setting tables, learning how to serve alcohol and finding out the intricate ways to serve a client from the proper side. I do wish the training was longer.

The most valuable lessons I have learned about my training experience with HWTC are punctuality, discipline, and patience – all three very important for working in hospitality.

I was fortunate enough to be offered a job right away after training. HWTC provided help with my résumé and references while I was going through the interview. My career has progressed quite well since the first job in terms of my learning. My confidence has grown so much and I plan to graduate from York University. My major is in French studies, which I am currently doing.

I currently work at the Marriott Hotel located at Yorkville. I have been working there for 1 year now and work as a room service attendant. My proudest moment at my job was when I was able to help a couple of French clients who were unable to comprehend the menu, since my first language is French.

In future, I would like to work in the education field, maybe as a counsellor or a French teacher.

The advice I would give to new entrants who are thinking about entering the industry would be to stay mentally and physically strong and prepared as the hospitality industry is demanding. If you  possess  love for serving people, this industry is the right one for you.


Michaëlle Kaba

HWTC graduate


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